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ProChild, Protecting Children NPO

  • ProChild

    is an Italian nonprofit association funded in 2009 by a group of professionals working in research and prevention of children injuries and malnutrition.

  • Aim

    The principal aim of the association is to investigate major harms to children to ensure proper and evidence based prevention strategies, targeting its works on nutrition and injuries. In both themes, primary prevention is seen as gold standard in order to avoid the onset and the potential development of pathologies that are nowadays increasing in prevalence and mortality.

  • The Association

    The Association works closely with the Department of Medicine and Public Health, University of Padua and the Pediatric Hospital Garrahan in Buenos Aires for the development of projects on nutrition and related to the topic of injuries and the risk analysis. It also activated a Psychotherapy and Health Unit on national and international social emergency issues with particular regard to pandemics, bio-socio-psychological management of social situations at high risk for health and specific symptoms that are highly disabling for health

  • Susy Safe and the studies

    Currently ProChild, with the University of Padova, is supporting the maintenance and development of the Susy Safe Project (Surveillance System), an international database that collects more than 25000 cases of foreign body injury in the Upper‑Aereo-Digestive Tract. The Association also conducted scientific studies on children's eating habits worldwide, with a focus on Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and India.

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ProChild collaborated in the realization of several studies. Here are scientific articles published, divided by area, and monographs.



Completed projects or in progress:



SafeFood4Children - SF4C


ProChild also gave its scientific support on the development of other projects, ensuring the dissemination of scientific results. Among these projects are:

Studio Merenda


How Food




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Psychotherapy and healthcare unit

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